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Began in 2014
Reverend Steven Wainwright and his wife Cynthia, owners of Ladoga LaBlanche Orchards, have a great passion for God's creation, a love for teachers (Steven's mother Mary Helen Wainwright taught for 50 years in Taylor County between 1936 - 1998) and a compassion to feed the hungry.

In 2017, over 45 bushels of apples were donated to local food pantries in the area.  Their offering included nearly 100 volunteer pickers who gathered at the orchard last September. They will continue the tradition again this year and invite you to join them!  Continue to check the Group & Family Events page for this year's date!
Food Pantry Donations:
Schoolhouse Marker Signs:
To honor the past teachers of one room school houses, Ladoga LaBlanche Orchards mission is to place signs at every location in Taylor County that once had a schoolhouse. Each sign will include the school's name as well as the dates it was used for education.

Be a part of this mission by helping to sponsor a sign! Honor the school that you or a family member attended, or pay tribute to your favorite teacher growing up. Each donation is a tribute to every teachers devotion, sacrifice, and commitment given to the teaching of the 3 Rs. This began in 1845, in Taylor County, Jackson Township, section15; in a simple, one-room log cabin.

Each sign is $100.00
To make your donation or for further information, please Contact Us!
Luke 8:15
"But the ones (seeds) that fell on the good ground are those who, having heard the word with a noble and good heart, keep it and bear fruit with patience (and hope)."