We have a wide variety of fresh apples (and other fruit!) to choose from!
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Simply Delicious!

Ladoga LaBlanche Orchards is currently closed, but feel free to drop by this Spring (usually April 15 - May 15th) and take a walk through the orchard while it is in bloom...next to Heaven!

Throughout this year, this page will keep you updated on what fruits and vegetables are ready to be harvested. Normally, the peaches, apples and cherries are the first to be picked around mid-July.  However, the harvest season will continue through mid to late October. Be sure to stop by for apple sauce and jelly apples in July.  

Our peach orchard just began two years ago, so just a few will be available this season.  Be sure that in years to come there will be plenty ripe for the pickin'!

We have all varieties of apples you see in stores...as well as many that may be considered "Antique Apples."  It's possible that you are unsure what your favorite type of apple is yet!  Our apples have been sprayed far less then those you can purchase at the store and you can even pick them yourself to guarantee freshness.  Don't have the time? Call Us and we will have them ready for you...merely hours old! Not only are our apples healthier and fresher then apples purchased from the market, they will be far less expensive too...only 65 cents a pound if you pick in bushel lots!
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​Although not ready all at once, we have a large variety of apples (as well as other fruits and veggies) to choose from:

  • Idared 
  • MacIntosh
  • Red & Gold Delicious
  • Gala
  • Granny Smith
  • Jonagold (several varieties)
  • Johnathan
  • Red & Yellow Transparent
  • Gravenstein

  • Peaches, Pears & Blueberries too!
  • Pumpkins
  • Seasonal Veggies