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Just as sweet as the fruit we grow!
Rich History!
Homesteaded in 1875, one of the first things Great Grandpa Arthur did was plant an orchard...100s of trees no less, a few berry bushes and likely a flower or two!  By the turn of the century, dozens of barrels filled with apples were taken to the Ladoga Train Depot headed west to Omaha and east to Chicago.  This continued until the late 30s and early 40s when the orchard died out; only to be resurrected in the 80s by grandson Edgar and great grandson Steven Edgar.

Now, again, 100s of trees bloom to fill bushel baskets for all to pick, taste and cider! So come and re-enjoy the good times once again, where peace and beauty  restores the soul.  Make sure to visit the "Little Red Schoolhouse" which honors our one room school teachers of the past.
"The only thing different between a child's hug and an apple tree, is that an apple tree may be just a little bit sweeter...or maybe not!"